New Sports Performance Program

The weight/training sessions after school (approx. 2pm start) WILL still be held as usual, but this week and next week there will ALSO be Spring Practices held from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m.   

This week spring practices will be held on Tues 5/28, Wed 5/29, Thurs 5/30 & Fri. 5/31  and next week on Mon. 6/3, Tues. 6/4, Wed 6/5 & Thurs. 6/6.   The spring practices are NON-CONTACT.  So they will only need to dress in cool comfortable workout clothes and have both sneakers & cleats.  And gloves if they use them.   PLEASE NOTE – These times and days are a little different than what was on the schedule I sent out to you previously. 

Tuesday 5/28 Coach G will be sharing with the players the start of an exciting new training program they will be using called TRUE AP.   Coach will have a team meeting and some position meetings and all the coaches will be there this week, so it will be a great opportunity for players to get to know the coaches. If you son is available to attend all sessions please encourage him to do so. 

The success of the program is through participation. With new programs, systems and schemes missing any practices will put your player behind in his progress.